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Sophron Entertainment LLC uses story analysis to provide original, empathic scoring and music production to all types of performing and visual creations. We strive to provide music designed to evoke the story between the lines. Under the direction of Khalil Bishop, Sophron collaborates with entities and individuals across multiple industries to produce songs, tunes, and scores crafted for each project.


While our repertoire is open for licensing, we are not a music library or factory. Our focus is to use our expertise to provide the precise sound and vibe you are looking for.

Khalil Bishop

also known as                                   , is a composer, writer, and vocalist who bloomed at the intersection of resilience and creativity, Brooklyn, NY. His view of life and society funnel through diverse lenses of disparate stories. He founded Sophron Entertainment LLC with one goal in mind:

Make Art, Make Change. 


With this platform, Khalil showcases his unique and diverse composing style. Using his formal theatre and music training, Khalil produces musical compositions that fuse genres while taking listeners on a journey. From acting on stage and screen to singing in an international choir, to writing captivating song lyrics and screenplays. His love of entertainment sees no limits.


Brooklyn birthed his vision of diverse storytelling. Life prepared him to never give up. Every little bit helps.


One Love.

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